Welcome to The Radiant Meditation Album

These meditations come from my wide variety of practice- dance, movement, Kauit, Hatha, and Kundalini Yoga, as well as integrative healing + energy practices, and my deep connection with mother nature. As with any adventure, this is an invitation to explore- your desires, edges, awareness, body, mind, soul, relationship, presence, and your life! Notice where you are called, how you feel before/during/after, and most importantly let the experience of your own radiance blossom. It's already there, I promise. With so much grace and beauty, I hope you enjoy opening in this inward journey!

 xo Corinne Dove

(The music accompanying these meditations are not my own, and are listed below. Some of the scripts come from my wonderful teachers, while others I have enhanced.)


Heart Centering Meditation: Somatic Descent

The following is a meditation with roots from the Buddhist tradition lineage of Reggie Ray and Dharma Ocean. 




Fence Visualization

What's holding you back? What do you dream of? Grab a pen and journal. Find a nice place to sit, meditate, and explore through writing.

*song from Garth Stevenson. script from Institute of Integrative Nutrition


Light Hearted Movement + Meditation

Flow freely with a guided dance/movement practice based on Gabrielle Roth's 5Rhythms. 

*song by Christina Perri called Burning Gold


Cord Cutting 

Release old energy drains, relationships, and cords to others. Listen in here...

*script by Gabby Bernstein


Low + Slow

Inspired by Kauit Yoga and Hatha Therapeutics. All you need for this meditation is a little wall space to prop your legs up :) 


Adventure Meditation

Feeling like you need a little more curiosity or play in your life? Snuggle into a space and get ready to explore. Feel free to have a pen and journal. 


Envisioning a Home for your Soul

Looking for a home? Wanting to feel you've found your place, landscape, rooms? Envision and imagine in this meditation...

*song by The Cinematic Orchestra. script adapted from Feng Shui for the Soul by Denise Linn



Light Bath Meditation

Clear your energy, daily, feel restored back to the connection of the universe, of your source.

*script by Gabby Bernstein, song called Deep Resonance- Theta Brain Wave  



Tuning in for Kundalini Meditations

To start any Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan meditations we must tune in to the Golden Chain of teachers past, present, and future.


Mediation for Releasing Childhood Anger

A Kundalini Yoga Meditation to create space to for anger to release

*song by Ayla Nereo called Hollow Bone


Green Energy + Opportunity Meditation

From a Kundalini Yoga Kriya called Green Energy and Opportunity set. Activate and attract opportunities, prosperity, gratitude, energy, whatever is aligned and surrounded in green light around your heart! *song called Har Ji (Krishan Mix) by Gurunam Singh



Moon Cycle Meditation

Feeling the waves of your moon cycle? This Kundalini meditation called Kirtan Kriya opens you to the power of Our natural rhythm and tune us into the forces in and around us. 

Using the mantra Sa Ta Na Ma


Meditation to Reduce Stress

Stress is so prevalent in our lives. Use this simple breath meditation to ease your worries, calm your nervous system, and relax your mind. This is a Kundalini Meditation.


Thank you so much for joining me! Feel free to come back to any meditations when you need or choose one to practice daily for 40 days to ensure radiant shifts. If you have any questions please reach out to me.

with love, Corinne Dove